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The hiking path Trace des Jésuites

Martinique is famous for its white sand beaches, fonds blancs and snorkeling. Yet, the other face of the island is definitely worth exploring : the tropical forest. The best way to discover Martinique’s green heart is hiking in the forest. The Trace des Jésuites is one of the most famous hiking paths and will take you deep into the wonders of Martinique’s nature.

Martinique is an island where the stunning sand beaches are but the gold that holds the emerald of the rich and diverse tropical flora, and your visit to Martinique would not be complete without visiting the plentiful inlands. The perfect way to do so is to take a hike in the heart of the tropical forest along the hiking path la Trace des Jésuites, which is easily accessible by road.

Starting in Gros-Morne and ending on the Route de la Trace (or vice-versa), la Trace des Jésuites path stretches over 5km, is hiking level-1 and takes about 3 hours to complete.

This "athletic" hike will allow you to contemplate the lush greeneries of Martinique. There, you will be able to see various species of trees and plants including white gommiers (candlewood), heliconias, tree ferns, bamboo trees and many others. On this route, you will also get to cross the Lorrain river several times, as it winds through the forest. It is therefore strongly advised not to hike during rainy season.

A little advice from Jumbo Car Martinique : rent an economy car to reach one of the ends of la Trace des Jésuites and enjoy this beautiful hike.

Rent a car to go to hike at La Trace des Jesuites
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Practical information

La Trace des Jésuites is a hiking path stretching over 5km or so, and that has 2 entrance/exit points : one in Gros-Morne (on road D1) and one on the Route de la Trace (road N3). To go there and roam around the island, consider renting a car.