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Pointe Borgnèse

At the entrance of Marin’s bay, in the south of the Martinique, a magnificent beach hides awaiting your visit: The Pointe Borgnèse. A dreamy beach with white sand and a crystal sea, perfect for a day of relaxation and ideal for diving enthusiasts. Don’t miss out! Rent a car and set sail to this idyllic destination.

The beach at the Pointe Borgnèse is a Martinican treasure. It’s a bit away from the city, so don’t forget to bring drinks and snacks. A tiny parking lot on the roadside, halfway between Sainte-Luce and the Marin on the National 5, gets you to the Pointe Borgnèse. A small steep path will take you down to the beach. The beach being unknown to tourists and only crowded with locals on weekends, you will find yourself at peace, happily surrounded by coconut trees.

The Pointe Borgnèse is a true natural aquarium. Pack your mask and snorkel! The site is full of underwater treasures, such as: coral fish, lionfish, sea urchins, parrotfish, trumpetfish and beautiful coral massifs. In addition, a 1km underwater route connects the Pointe Borgnèse to Anse Figuier.

The Pointe Borgnèse is also ideal for hikers and will let you discover the most majestic and scenic landscapes. If you are ready for it, a hiking trail lets you reach the top of Morne Aca (266m high). Rent a car and embark on this fabulous adventure.

A little advice from Jumbo Car Martinique : rent a car to get to the beach at the Pointe Borgnèse.

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Practical information

Since the beach of the Pointe Borgnèse is relatively far from the city, you will need a car to get there. A small parking allows you to park there during the week.