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The Petrification Savannah

In the extreme south of Martinique, in the town of Sainte-Anne, lies The Petrification Savannah (La Savane des Pétrifications, in french) an outstanding desert landscape, rocky and out of time. This place is a must-see. To go there, don’t forget to rent a car.

Considered the oldest part of the island (with the Caravelle peninsula), The Petrification Savannah is located in the southern tip of the island, in the town of Sainte-Anne. Once including fossils, such as petrified wood, this place is now completely desert and rock.

On the tropical island of Martinique, The Petrification Savannah is therefore an outstanding landscape, which you wander just to admire its raw beauty.

It is also possible to hike through the coastal path called La Trace des Caps (Capes’ Path). It takes at least 2 hours to wander in the heart of what can be described as “Martinique’s little desert”.

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The Petrification Savannah
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Practical informations

The Petrification Savannah is located in the south of Martinique. There, it is possible to hike, starting at the beach Anse à Prunes, in Saint-Anne city.