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The mangrove of Martinique

Martinique is a multi-faceted island that not only counts beautiful white sand beaches, but also a totally different type of ecosystem only a few kilometers away : the mangrove. Rent a car and go discover the mangroves of Martinique.

The mangrove is a forest that grows in the brackish waters on the Martinique coastline between the middle and the South of Martinique. It has an important role in preventing the erosion of the coastline by acting  as a buffer zone between the ocean and the mouth of rivers, thus protecting the sea corals from the river sediments. There, the soil has such a high concentration of salt that most trees cannot grow. The very few plant species that thrive in the mangrove are adapted to this hostile environment.

You will find several varieties of mangles : trees whose trunk, mounted on high spider-legs-like roots, rises above water. The few animals that live there are mainly crabs (touloulous, spider-crabs and fiddler crabs) and birds. You can also see termite nests and catch a glimpse of fingerlings hiding among the mangle roots in the clayey water. The mangrove forest is indeed a safe haven for juveniles that seek refuge among the mangles, away from the predators of the ocean.

Martinique's largest mangrove in Génipa bay, close to Fort-de-France. There, you can rent a canoe-kayak or join a tour aboard a little motor-boat to discover the mangrove from the inside.

A little advice from Jumbo Car Martinique : rent a city car to go to Génipa where you can visit Martinique's most famous mangrove.

Rent a car in Martinique to go see the mangrove of the island
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Practical information

Most mangroves in Martinique are accessible by boat or kayak. Rent a car to go to Génipa (or other mangroves) and take a tour those untouched wild forests.