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The Chanté Nwel

In the Caribbean, Christmas is a really important holiday and Christmas celebrations start long before December, the 25th. The "chanté Nwel" are typical of Martinique's Christmas time. Discover those joyful and festive musical gatherings.

The people of Martinique (and Guadeloupe) have their own animated and colourful way of celebrating Christmas. Usually starting from the end of Toussaint (All Saint's Day) and until Christmas eve, they organize Christmas celebrations called "chanter Noël", or "chanté Nwel" in Creole.

Those "chanté Nwel" are gatherings where people sing traditional Christmas songs (in French or Creole) always accompanied by a Caribbean beat. With friends, family, collegues or even outside on the street, chanté Nwel are usually animated by a band. You can also eat there (they usually have buffet or barbecues), or just have a drink.

This age-old tradition of chanté Nwel was born in colonial times and has been passed on throughout the centuries, making it an authentic Caribbean one.

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Practical information

Before Christmas, the chanté Nwel abound in Martinique. Some are organized privately (with friends or family), but you can easily find public chanté Nwel organized by city councils, restaurants, hotels, bars etc. Rent a car and find the nearest chanté Nwel!