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The Baignoire de Josephine

Martinique, like many Caribbean islands, is known for the beauty of its waters and for its crystal clear quality - those shallow sandy grounds give the impression of being in a pool in the middle of the ocean. Rent a car to get to the marina, where you will be able to go to discover the most famous shallow white waters of the Martinique: the Baignoire de Josephine (Joesephine's bathtub).

Located near the François, on the eastern side of Martinique, the Baignoire de Josephine is more like a pool, with turquoise and crystal clear water, than a tub. According to legends, this beautiful place in Martinique got its name because Empress Josephine (Napoleon's wife) loved bathing in it. Which is not hard to understand. Still to this day, boats and catamarans come from all across Martinique to cast their anchors there.

A cocktail and fritters in the middle of the sea

Many companies offer trips to the Baignoire de Josephine. You are spoiled with choices: kayak, jet ski, boat or catamaran. Once there, you can dabble in the heavenly white waters and enjoy a few sips of ti’punch and some tasty fritters.

A little advice from Jumbo Car Martinique : rent an automatic car to get to the marina, where you can go to explore the Baignoire de Josephine.

Rent a car in Martinique to go to the François Harbour where you will go on a trip to the Baignoire de Josephine
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Practical information

Located between Oscar Islet and Thierry Islet, the Baignoire de Josephine has the famous beautiful crystal white waters of Martinique. To get there, it's easy: rent a car to go to François Harbour where many companies offer boat, catamaran, jet ski and even kayak tours.