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Sylbaris’ Prison Cell

Devastated during the eruption of Mount Pelée in 1902, the town of Saint-Pierre keeps traces of the disaster. The prison cell of Sylbaris, where one the survivors have been found, is still in very good condition. To get there and visit the north of the island, consider renting a car.

On May 8th, 1902, after exhibiting signs for several days but no evacuation of the area, the Mount Pelée erupts, a pyroclastic flow destroys everything in its way and the whole population of Saint-Pierre dies tragically. The whole population or almost, because a few inhabitants miraculously survive.

The most famous of them is Ludger Sylbaris. After a drunken brawl, a sentence of one month in prison and an escape attempt, Ludger is put in a cell for 8 days. It is this cell, with its thick walls, that will save his life.

Still in very good condition, Sylbaris’ cell is one of many remains – and perhaps the most famous – of the eruption of Mount Pelée. Formerly open to visitors, this historical scene is now protected. It is still possible to admire it from the road: Laigret Boulevard or Theater Street (rue du Théâtre).

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Sylbaris’ Prison Cell
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Practical informations

Right in the heart of Saint-Pierre, the Sylbaris’ Prison Cell is one of the most interesting places of Martinique. To go there and also take advantage of all Saint-Pierre, it's better to rent a car.