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The mural of L’Atlas in Fort-de-France

If you love street art, then you will find your happiness in Martinique, especially in Fort-de-France, where you will find some murals by artist L’Atlas. Rent a car and discover this artwork and many more.

The city of Fort-de-France is known for its vibrant atmosphere and its colorful market. But this important city in Martinique also deserves to be known for masterpieces of street art. In 2013, the French department even organized the IBCA (International Biennial of Contemporary Art) and called for street artists to come and dress up the walls of the city. It is on this occasion that the French artist, L’Atlas, (Jules Dedet being his real name) created his huge red and white mural on a wall of Fort-de-France.

A mural of the Google World Collection

Listed in the "World Collection" section of Street Art Project from Google, L’Atlas’ graphic mural intrigues onlookers. In fact, it is the signature of this world-famous artist.

A little advice from Jumbo Car Martinique : rent an economic car to admire the mural of L’Atlas in Fort-de-France.

Rent a car to go to Fort-de-France and admire the mural of L'Atlas
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Practical information

The red and white calligraphic mural of L’Atlas is in the heart of the city of Fort-de-France. To admire this artwork and other examples of Martinican street art, consider renting a car.