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St. Louis Cathedral in Fort-de-France

In Fort-de-France, on Victor Schœlcher street, in front of Place Monseigneur Roméro, a religious building will not leave you indifferent. It is the beautiful St. Louis Cathedral. Discover this architectural wonder, full of history.

Built on the foundation of the cathedral of the architect Cesar Jolly (a cathedral built from 1845 and destroyed by a hurricane in 1891), St. Louis Cathedral is still one of the most beautiful religious buildings of Martinique.

Built from 1891, and designed by the architect Pierre-Henri Picq (who also designed the Schœlcher Library), St. Louis Cathedral has been renovated many times before being listed as “historical monument” in 1990.

This cathedral is distinguished by its style, both Gothic and Romano-byzantine – very popular in the late nineteenth century. Its metal frame (like the Schœlcher Library) calls to mind Gustave Eiffel’s techniques. The octagonal dome, the metallic arches or the stained-glass windows (made by the glass painter Georges Néret) are among the many features of this beautiful and unique cathedral.

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St. Louis Cathedral
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Practical informations

St. Louis Cathedral is located in Fort-de-France city, near the waterfront. To go there and to travel in Martinique, consider renting a car.