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The waterfall Saut Gendarme

If you want to spend a relaxing day, with your feet in the water, but you also want to escape the heat of the beaches, you can go to the rivers. Rent a car and go exploring the small waterfall Saut Gendarme in Fonds-Saint-Denis, north of Martinique.

In the town of Fonds-Saint-Denis, south of Morne Rouge, Saut Gendarme is a small waterfall easily accessible: by car and then with a few minutes walk. Surrounded by lush vegetation, this mini waterfall and its pond overlook a small rocky river.

Relaxing and refreshing, this place was developed by the NFO (National Forests Office). A bridge, small carbets, tables and benches were indeed placed in this green setting. People come to picnic, take a dip and enjoy the surrounding flora and fauna. Facing the waterfall, a small trail allows walking in the forest and discovering heliconias, tree ferns and hummingbirds.

A little advice from Jumbo Car Martinique : rent an estate car to go to Saut Gendarme and organize a picnic with family.

The waterfall of Saut Gendarme
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Practical informations

Saut Gendarme is located in Fonds-Saint-Denis, on the road D1, between the road "Route de la Trace" and Saint-Pierre city. So, the little waterfall is easily accessible by car. And there are car parks not far from the site.