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Regional House of Volcanos

North of Martinique, in the town of Morne Rouge, the Regional House of Volcanos will allow you to discover the world of volcanology through the history and the activity of Mount Pelée.

In Martinique, Mount Pelée is an active volcano but is now asleep. It devastated most of the island in 1902. This eruption, by its power and its magnitude, changed the way scientists study geology –thus giving Martinique an important part in volcanology. Therefore, it is not surprising that the department has several centers of study and discovery of volcanology, such as the Regional House of Volcanos.

Located in Morne-Rouge, on the foothills of Mount Pelée, the Regional House of Volcanos is a center of information and documentation, as well as an observation center. There, visitors discover the story of the eruption of 1902, they learn more about those that followed until 1929 and they apprehend seismology, geology and even planetary science.

The Regional House of Volcanos opens on Monday from 2pm to 5pm, Tuesday to Friday from 8:30am to 5pm and on Saturday and Sunday from 8am to 1pm. The entrance fee is 3€ per adult and 0.75€ per child except on the last Saturday of the month when the visit is free.

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The eruption of the Mount Pelée in 1902
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Practical informations

The Regional House of Volcanos is open all week, and its entrance fee are really not expensive. Located on Edgar Nestoret Avenue, in the town of Morne-Rouge, this House is easily accessible by car.