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The beach of Pointe Faula

The Pointe Faula is a beach located south of the town Le Vauclin. Rent a car and discover this little piece of heaven, this beach where you can see kitesurfs alongside restaurants, bars, huts and picnic tables.

Pointe Faula beach very popular among Martinicans and tourists alike. However, at first glance, this shore with its narrow stretch of sand doesn’t look like the ideal beach. But once you dip your feet in the water, you will realize that this place has one of the most amazing fond blanc. You can walk this shallow underwater sandbank as far as 400 meters from the coast! The fond blanc waters are indeed only knee-deep until rather far into the sea. It is a great spot for swimming and bathing and you will definitely fall in love with the place.

Moreover, the Pointe Faula is a double sided piece of heaven and one does not only go there to relax. The calm and shallow waters and powerful winds make this place the most popular kitesurf and windsurf spot in Martinique. The UCPA Martinique was therefore established in Pointe Faula and it is also there that takes place, since 2014, the Fise Academy Caraïbes Kite Challenge (International Festival of Extreme Sports).

A little advice from Jumbo Car Martinique : rent an estate car to go to Pointe Faula with your family and/or carry your kitesurfing gear.

Pointe Faula
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Practical information

The Pointe Faula is located in Le Vauclin and is easily accessible by car. To go there and fully enjoy your stay in Martinique, consider renting a car.