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PLM Beach

PLM Beach is one of the most popular beaches in the west of Martinique. Discover this small beach and remember to rent a car to take full advantage of your stay in Martinique.

Martinique has many beaches. Some bigger and wilder, others smaller and more urbanized. The latter is the case of PLM Beach. Although tiny, this Schoelcher beach is very popular, even though it is "hidden". PLM Beach (also called " Batelière’s beach") is in fact not visible from the road and is visited mainly by locals or by guests of hotel Batelière.

Batelière beach is especially popular for its relaxing bath. An artificial sea wall protects the beach and gives the impression of a natural pool. Moreover, PLM Beach harbors one of the most famous beach bars of the Martinique: Lili's.

A little advice from Jumbo Car Martinique : rent an economic car to get to PLM Beach.

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Practical information

PLM Beach is located in Schoelcher. To easily get there, consider renting a cheap car in Martinique. Park in front of the entrance of the hotel Batelière, and then take the small road that leads to the beach.