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Paul Gauguin’s Center

During the history of Martinique, many personalities have walked its land. Among them, Paul Gauguin. More than 200 years after his stay on the island, a cultural center opened in his honor. Rent a car and discover the Paul Gauguin’s Center.

In June 1887, traveling from Panama, Paul Gauguin (accompanied by Charles Laval) settled in Martinique in the town of Carbet.  The painter quickly fell in love with the tropical nature and the West Indian lifestyle. He was so inspired, he painted a dozen paintings during the five months he spent on the island. These paintings include “La vie à Saint-Pierre” and “La Cueillette Aux Mangos”. In November of that year, Gauguin suffered from dysentery and was forced to leave the island.

200 years later, the Paul Gauguin’s Center was opened not far from where the painter lived during his stay. The museum features replicas of paintings that the famous artist made on site as well as a handwritten letter, and a log of his stay. Located in Carbet, near the Zoo of Martinique, the Paul Gauguin’s Center is open daily from 9am to 5pm.

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Paul Gauguin's Center
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Practical information

The Paul Gauguin's Center is located in the little town of Carbet, where the artist lived during his stay in Martinique. The center is open everyday, from 9am to 5pm and it is easily accessible by car.