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The church Notre-Dame de la Delivrande

In the town of Morne Rouge, is the church of the “patron hallow” of the island: Notre-Dame de la Délivrande. Rent a car and go discover this building full of history and symbols.

The story of the church, Notre-Dame de la Délivrande begins long before its building. During a tempestuous trip to Martinique, Abbot Le Herpeur, vowed to build a church in Martinique in honor to the Great Patroness Notre-Dame de la Délivrande, if the boat arrives safe and sound. Once arrived on the island and forced to take refuge in the wild heights of Morne Rouge to escape the yellow fever epidemic, the abbot decided to honor his vow. Later this year, the disease disappears and the abbot decided to baptize his chapel “Notre-Dame de la Délivrande”.

First a simple wooden shrine (in 1844), the building became –thanks to the help of parishioners and donations from Napoleon II – a stone building with a great nave, transepts, a tower and a statue of Notre-Dame de la Délivrande within. The construction was completed in December 1868 with the crowning of the statue.

Harmed repeatedly by a hurricane in 1891 and the eruption of Mount Pelee in 1902, the statue remained intact, each reconstruction of the building gave rise to an ever greater and more beautiful building.

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The church Notre-Dame de la Délivrande
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Practical information

The church Notre-Dame de la Délivrande is located at 2 rue Henri Cléostrate, in the city of Morne-Rouge. To go there, and to visit the north of the island, consider renting a car.