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Maison de la Canne

The sugar cane culture is an integral part of the history and life of Martinique. Discover it by visiting La Maison de la Canne, a small museum located in the southwest of the island, in the town of Trois-Ilets.

In the town of Trois-Ilets, in what was once the Vatable distillery, La Maison de la Canne (House of the Cane in French), takes you almost four centuries back. This small museum – both charming and interesting – tells you about the beginnings of sugar production in the seventeenth century in Martinique and slavery which was closely linked to the operating areas of distillery, and the timing of this trade.

Beside this permanent historical exhibition (called “Une Terre, une plante, un peuple” - which in French means “One Earth, one plant, one people”), La Maison de la Canne explains contemporary techniques used for the production of sugar and rum.

Ancient machines and tools, models, photos and panels make up the museum. An old steam locomotive –used in the nineteenth century to transport sugar cane – is particularly exposed on the site, in the garden.

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The museum Maison de la Canne
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Practical informations

The Maison de la Canne is located at Pointe Vatable, in the town of Trois-Îlets. Well indicated, it is visible from the road D7. The museum is open from 8:30am to 5:30pm on tuesday, wednesday and thursday, from 8:30am to 5pm on friday and saturday, and from 9am to 5pm on sunday. A ticket costs 3€/ adult.