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La Savane in Fort-de-France

If you go to Fort-de-France during your stay in Martinique, you will surely notice a green space called La Savane. Park your car in the small streets of Fort-de-France and go for a walk.

The city of Fort-de-France is a historic town with a covered market, many shops, a military fort and a park. This park, called La Savane, is located between the Schoelcher Library and Fort Saint-Louis. La Savane is a green space filled with history, much like the rest of the city.

Built in the 18th century, this park was first used for military training before the inhabitants of the city appropriated it. Since 1830, La Savane has been set up to make the area more welcoming. Trees have been planted and the waterfront has been embellished.

Today, La Savane is always a meeting place. One goes there to walk around, to take advantage of the shade of trees, or to eat ice cream, bought from one of the small stands along the park.

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Practical information

La Savane is a park located in Fort-de-France, between rue de la Liberté and rue Bouillé. To see this green space that faces the sea, consider renting a car during your stay in Martinique.