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The beach of Grand Macabou

Although less touristic than Pointe Marin and much larger than Anse Dufour, the beach of Grand Macabou is almost wild. Rent a car and discover the natural and relaxing, southeast of Martinique.

South of the city of Vauclin, south-east of Martinique, the beach of Grand Macabou is certainly the wildest beach –or at least, the best preserved– of the island. Located in a protected natural site, away from dwellings, this beach is accessible but not easy to get to.

To get there, you will follow a small path, the entry point is on the road connecting the cities of Marin and Vauclin. After parking your car, you will have to walk a few minutes in the middle of the sea grapes to reach the authentic beach of Grand Macabou.

On this beach, a little over a kilometer long, fine sand is mixed with some algae –evidence that the site is not touristic. Coconut trees move to the rhythm of the trade wind and only a few crabs occupy the premises.

A little advice from Jumbo Car Martinique : rent an economic car to go to Grand Macabou and to drive across the island.

The beach of Grand Macabou
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Practical informations


The beach of Grand Macabou is only accessible by walk, from the beach of Petit Macabou or from a path starting on the road N6 (connecting the cities of Vauclin and Marin). Consider renting a car to go to this path.