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The West Indian Planteur

Just like fritters, planteur is one of the pillars of traditional Martinican cuisine. Discover the recipe for this cocktail and where to rent a car to go enjoy the beaches of Martinique.

In Martinique, the most famous cocktail is without a doubt the Planteur. It is also well known around the world but the recipes used are often not as good. The true West Indian Planteur, the traditional, has a precise recipe, here it is.

For about 5 liters of planteur, mix a liter of orange juice, a liter of guava juice, a liter of white agricultural rum, half a liter of old agricultural rum, half a liter of cane syrup, three cinnamon sticks and three limes. For the limes, extract the juice, pulp and some zest. Some will also add pineapple juice, passion fruit juice, mango juice or grenadine syrup.

In order to have a planteur full of flavors, it is advised to prepare it in advance (in the morning for the evening for example). Serve chilled, preferably with ice.

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Planteur cocktail
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Practical information

The “planteur” is on the menu of almost every restaurant in Martinique. So, it will not be hard to taste this cocktail during your stay in the island. But, be prudent, do not drive if you drank alcohol.