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The plantain bananas gratin

The Martinican kitchen has a recurring ingredient: the plantain banana, called "yellow banana" in the West Indies. Discover one of the most popular plantain dishes in Martinique; and think about renting a car to fully enjoy your stay on the island.

In Martinique, people eat a lot of fish, pork and chicken. On the vegetable side, lots of peas, taros, chayote, pumpkin, yams and plantains. Plantains, considered vegetables (because they aren’t eaten uncooked), have their own Creole denomination: yellow bananas. Most often boiled, they complement rice and red beans. But they are not limited to only being a side dish. For example, the yellow bananas gratin is one of the most popular dishes of Martinique.

Bananas and béchamel

The yellow banana gratin is a dish consisting of several layers of fried plantains (cut in length) and béchamel. Several levels of bananas and béchamel are covered with grated cheese, and then put in the oven to brown.

The gratin of yellow bananas is an essential dish of Martinique gastronomy. Remember to order it at a restaurant during your stay.

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Rent a car in Martinique to go to eat some plantain bananas gratin at the restaurant

Practical information

The yellow bananas (or "plantain") gratin is an important dish of Martinique cuisine. During your trip to Martinique, consider renting a car to go to one of the local restaurants in the department.