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Stuffed crab

In Caribbean gastronomy, many dishes are prepared with crab. Stuffed crab is one of the most common and most appreciated dishes served as a starter. Rent a car and drive to one of the many traditional restaurants where you can try the famous stuffed crab (or «crabe farci»).

Stuffed crab, just as cod fritters (accras) and avocado patty (féroce d’avocat), is a very popular dish in Martinique, usually served as a starter. It is very easy to prepare and takes less than one hour to cook.

Stuffed crab consists in a patty of crab and spices, first pan-fried then baked in the oven and served in an empty crab shell, hence the name «stuffed crab». The ingredients for the crab patty are the following : crab flesh, stale bread crumbs, chives, garlic, olive oil, lime, salt, pepper and sweet chili pepper. Some ingredient may vary with different recipes, but the taste is always delicious.

Stuffed crab is very popular in Martinique and will be on the menu of most local restaurants. To roam around Martinique and find the perfect restaurant to try stuffed crab, consider renting a car.

A little advice from Jumbo Car Martinique : rent a family car to go the restaurant and savour delicious stuffed crabs during your stay in Martinique.

Rent a car to go eat stuffed crab in Martinique
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Practical information

Stuffed crab is a traditional Martinique dish, usually on the menu of most restaurants on the island. Rent a car and go the restaurant of your choice.