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Pan seared bananas with rum

The gastronomy of Martinique boasts several desserts including "blanc manger coco" or pan seared bananas with rum. Read on to discover the one way of cooking bananas and how to taste it during your stay in Martinique.

Bananas are hugely important in the culture of Martinique. It is therefore not surprising that bananas are at the heart of the gastronomy of the island. They can be enjoyed as either salty or sweet treats and in many other ways. Pan seared bananas with rum are, for example, a speciality on the island.

This dish is very easy and does not take much time to prepare (a maximum of 20 mins). Begin by peeling bananas and to cut them in two. Then, in a hot frying pan, caramelize 50g of cane sugar per banana (i.e. 200g of sugar for 4 bananas). Put slices of bananas in the caramelized sugar, sprinkle with a little cinnamon and let them cook for approximately 2 mins. Add approximately 30g of butter per banana (i.e. 120g of butter for 4 bananas), then sear the bananas with 7cl of rum per banana (28cl for 4 bananas). Serve the bananas hot. Why not serve with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream?

Pan seared bananas with rum are a part of the culinary heritage of Martinique. You will not have a problem finding them on restaurant menus during your stay on the island.

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Pan seared bananas with rum
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Practical information

Pan seared bananas with rum are among the most popular desserts in Martinique. To go to taste them in a restaurant during your stay, consider renting a car.