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The cake Amour caché

Martinique gastronomy counts a wide variety of sweet dishes such as blanc manger coco, pan seared bananas and "l’amour caché" (‘hidden love’) cake. Rent a car to go to eat some in restaurants.

Among caribbean recipes, and especially those from Martinique, there is no lack of "douceurs" (‘sweetnesses’ : biscuits, creams or cakes). One of the most unavoidable of those desserts bears the sweet name of "l’amour caché".

L’amour caché is a cake of shortcrust and genoise and with cane sugar based jam hidden in its core. Traditionally, banana, gwava or coconut jams are used but the recipe doesn’t exclude the use of other jam flavours (passion fruit, strawberry, pineapple...). Powdered sugar is often sprinkled on top of the cake as decoration.

L’amour caché cake is a must of Martinican cuisine. During your stay, you will easily find it in restaurants, pastry shops or snacks everywhere on the island.

A little advice from Jumbo Car Martinique : rent an economy car to visit Martinique and find the pastry shops that hide those delicious amours cachés.

Hidden love cake
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Practical information

The amour caché is a Martinican cake of shortcrust, genoise and jam. This mellow dessert can be easily found in restaurants, pastry shops and snacks of the island. Rent a car to find those places and fully enjoy your trip to Martinique.