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Butter bread and First Communion hot chocolate

Among Martinican must-try sweet recipes, the most unavoidable is certainly the butter bread served with First Communion hot chocolate. Try out this essential sweet duo of Martinican gastronomy and discover the island and its fragrant culture.

The butter bread served together with First Communion hot chocolate makes it undoubtedly to the top-10 of most traditional and most appreciated dishes in Martinique. In spite of the religious character of its name, the duo is not only served during Catholic First Communions. In Martinique, it accompanies almost all great celebrations : First Communions, naturally, but also engagement parties, weddings, christenings etc.

The Martinican butter bread is a soft and tasty braided bun. It is customary to dip it in First Communion hot chocolate - a very sweet, smooth and slightly dense hot chocolate with cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla adding more flavor to the cocoa based drink.

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Butter bread and First Communion hot chocolate
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Practical information

You should have no troubel finding butter bread in bakeries and even supermarkets in Martinique. Consider renting a car to roam around freely during your stay.