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Blanc manger coco

Appetizers and entries – such as fritters – are very popular, even outside of the Caribbean. But Martinican gastronomy also includes delicious desserts that would be a pity not to taste. Discover for example "blanc manger coco".

After eating several fritters and boudins, then a chicken Colombo or any other traditional Martinican dish, it is true that we rarely have room for dessert. Yet, Martinican desserts are delicious and you cannot stay in Martinique without trying some. "Blanc manger coco" is also among the desserts you must absolutely taste.

Very easy to prepare, "blanc manger coco" is composed of sweetened condensed milk, coconut milk, gelatin, cinnamon, vanilla and lime. It is eaten as a baked custard (if you put a lot of gelatin) or a rich cream – to eat alone or with a piece of pineapple cake for example.

"Blanc manger coco" is on the menu of many restaurants in Martinique. You will not have trouble finding it during your stay on the island.

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The blanc manger coco dessert
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Practical information

The “blanc manger coco” is a dessert very popular in Martinique.  That is why it is on the menu of almost all the local restaurants. To go to the restaurants, and to fully enjoy your stay on the island, consider renting a car.