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Fort Saint-Louis

In Fort-de-France, a few steps from the beautiful Schœlcher Library, stands Fort Saint-Louis. Almost four centuries old, this military fort is an exciting history digest. Consider renting a car to visit Fort-de-France and go to Fort Saint-Louis.

In the south of Fort-de-France, attached to the district of La Savane, Fort Saint-Louis is one of Martinique’s historic places, a must see. Still in perfect condition, this base was raised in 1638, extended, fortified and modified until 1680. It had many names: Fort Royal de la Martinique, Fort Louis and even Fort Edward during the British invasion.

Since the seventeenth century, Fort Saint-Louis has obviously played a strategic role in several wars. In 1759, it resists for example an attack by Admiral George Brydges Rodney. However it will be taken by England in 1794 and will return to France, eight years later, with the Treaty of Amiens.

The fort will become a zoo in the late nineteenth century, before being assigned to the navy after WWII. Today, Fort Saint-Louis is open to visitors, who come to admire the four bastions, alleys, houses, bunkers and canons.

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Fort Saint-Louis
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Practical informations

Fort Saint-Louis is located in the south of Fort-de-France city, on D42 road. Visible from a distance, you cannot miss it.