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The round yoles

Off the coast of Martinique, it is very common to see “round yoles”. Discover these boats and rent a car to admire them from the coast of the island.

Martinique is renowned for its gastronomy, its landscapes but also for its races of round yoles. True legacy of the Indians of the Caribbean, these lightweight boats with sails are the basis of the boating culture of the island.

Indeed, the first Caribbean inhabitants moved from island to island with canoes carved from gum trees and equipped with oars. These boats were taken and perfected over time by Martinicans. Still cut in the trunks of gum trees, yoles used today have abandoned the oars and are equipped with a large sail.

Throughout the year, shipwrights and crews of those famous round yoles organize races on the water of the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea – with sometimes capricious waters. The competition reached its climax during the month of July at the Tour of Round Yoles of Martinique.

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Round yoles boats in Martinique
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Practical information

Heritage of the first inhabitants of the island, the round yoles are an important part of the Martinican culture. Races – as the Yole Tour of Martinique – are organized very often. To see them, drive to the coast and to beaches of the island.