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The bois lélé

During your stay in Martinique, you will have many occasions to have some ti-punch (or local cocktails) and discover a typical Martinique-made drinking tool : the bois lélé. Rent a car and discover Martinique, local culture and traditional objects, such as the bois lélé.

The bois lélé is a thin piece of wood about 15cm long, which splits into 5 little branches at one extremity, in the shape of star. The word "lélé" means "to stir" in Creole, so as its name implies, the bois lélé is used for stirring local drinks, especially ti-punch. You can find bois lélé tree all over the Caribbean islands but it is only in Martinique that people use it to make bois lélé.

The bois lélé is actually made of the highest and thinnest part of the quararibea turbinata - a small tree that grows in tropical forests in the North and Center of the island. Every couple of centimeters, 5 tree branches grow at the same level on the tree trunk in the shape of a star. To make a bois lélé, you only need to cut the top part of the tree with one level of branches and cut the branches quite close to the thin trunk. Then, remove the bark to reveal a beautiful cream-color wood.

During your stay in Martinique, you will find bois lélé on traditional markets, such as the Fort-de-France covered market, for about 2€ each.

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Practical information

The bois lélé is a traditional item in Martinique, a part of local everyday life. This little piece of wood, that is used to stir cocktails and drinks, can be found on every market in Martinique.