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Carbet Mountains

Offering a nice view from Trois-Ilets city, Carbet Mountains are accessible by road. These little mountains are interesting because of their lush vegetation and their hiking trails. Discover this natural site located in the north of Martinique.

In the north of Martinique, between Fort-de-France and the town of Morne-Rouge, the Carbet Mountains are one of the island’s natural beauties. About one million years old, Piton Lacroix (the tallest with an altitude of 1197 meters), Piton Dumauzé, Piton Boucher, Piton de L’Alma and Morne Piquet are covered with rainforest. Because of this wild nature and especially because of huge slopes, these peaks are difficult to access.

However, hiking is not impossible. Crossed by experienced hikers, the hiking trails give an exceptional view on Fort-de-France bay and Mount Pelée (amoung others).

Those who don’t want to walk and climb for at least 3 hours can stop at Plateau du Boucher. They will appreciate the cool atmosphere there and will discover the tropical flora of the area – where the trees can grow up to 40 meters high.

A little advice from Jumbo Car Martinique : rent a SUV to drive to these mountains.

Carbet Mountains
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Practical informations

Carbet Mountains can be reached by car, from the town of Morne-Vert or from the Route de la Trace. To go there, consider renting a car.