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Cap 110

In the southwest of Martinique, in the town of Diamant, a memorial leaves no one indifferent. This is  Cap 110, built to pay tribute to the victims of the slave trade and it also refers to a particular event. Rent a car to explore this place.

The history of Martinique is intrinsically linked to slavery and the triangular trade. On the 8th of April, 1830, a particular tragedy marked the island. A clandestine boat carrying slaves was wrecked on the coast of the city of Diamant. In this shipwreck, 86 Africans were rescued while 46 others perished.

This is to pay tribute to the victims, but also to all those who were affected by slavery, Cap 110 was set up in 1998 (on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the abolition of slavery).

Facing the sea, at Anse Caffard (where the shipwreck took place),  Cap 110 is signed by the Martinican  artist Laurent Valere. The work is a sculptural installation of 15 statues placed in a triangle. Made of white reinforced concrete, they represent African captives and their tragic fate.

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Cap 110
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Practical information

The statues of Cap 110 are placed in front of the sea, at Anse Caffard, in Diamant city. The site is easily accessible by car.