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Balata’s Sacré-Cœur

In Balata, about 7 kilometers from Fort-de-France, a church attracts attention. This is the Sacré-Coeur of Balata. Discover this particular monument and where to rent a car to get there.

Built in 1924 and imagined by the Parisian architect Charles Wulffleff, the church of Balata was named “Sacré-Coeur of Balata”.  And for good reason, this church is a miniature replica (the fifth) of the famous Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Paris. The church of Balata has the shape of the monument in Paris but is obviously much more modest. It remains unique and very pretty.

Still “servicing” the Sacré-Coeur of Balata is open to the public. If you go by Balata’s road, to go to the Alma River for example, consider stopping to admire its dome and cupolas inspired by the Romano-Byzantine architectural style.

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Sacré-Coeur of Balata
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Practical information

The Sacré-Cœur of Balata is a beautiful religious monument, located on the road N3 (approximately 7km from Fort-de-France). To go there easily, and to fully enjoy your trip, consider renting a car.