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The beach of Anse Couleuvre

At the very north of Martinique, there is a beach hidden in the middle of the rainforest; Anse Couleuvre is a magnificent black sandy beach. Rent a car to get there and to visit the surroundings.

Martinique has many magnificent white sandy beaches but there are also very beautiful black sandy beaches such as Anse Noire and Anse Couleuvre. The latter is located in the North of the island, in the city of Le Prêcheur. It is a magical place hidden in the middle of the forest.

The beach of the Anse Couleuvre is nestled between two "cliffs", in the heart of nature. To reach it, it will take you 10 minutes by foot, during which time you will pass by the ruins of an old agricultural house. This short route is a pleasant escape in the heart of the flora of Martinique. This path leads you to this beach of Anse Couleuvre, a beautiful area of black sand and crystal clear water. To make most of this place, snorkel gear is a must.

A little advice from Jumbo Car Martinique : rent a SUV to take you up to Anse Couleuvre and to visit the North of the island.

Beach of Anse Couleuvre
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Practical information

Located in Le Prêcheur city, the beach of Anse Couleuvre is easily accessible by car. Even though you’re not parked far away from the beach, it will take an extra few minutes to get to the sea.