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The beach of Anse Case Navire

After Anse Dufour, Grand Macabou or Pointe Marin, discover another one of the splendid beaches coasting Martinique. Located west of the island, Case Navire’s beach is one of the most peaceful.

The beach from downtown Schoelcher – also called “Anse Case Navire” (the former name of the town) – is a quiet, clean, beautiful and easy to access beach. This is undoubtedly why it is among the best beaches of Martinique.

Located directly in front of downtown, a few steps from Schoelcher square and the church, Case Navire beach is a small stretch of blond sand, only 200 meters long. It is surrounded with palm trees and coconut trees providing some shade. The water is clear and the waves are calm. You can even have lunch, afternoon snacks or dinner in one of the restaurants or ice-cream shops there. The place is also ideal for admiring the sunset.

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Case Navire’s beach
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Practical information

The Case Navire beach is easily accessible by car. To get there, go to the boulevard  following the seaside of Schœlcher. There, you will not have trouble to park.