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Alma River

Martinique has many rivers where you can swim, go hiking or canyoneering. Located in the heart of the island, the Alma River –also known as the White River– is one of them. Rent a car and discover it for yourself.

Starting at Piton du Carbet and down to Lamentin, Alma River is one of the main rivers of Martinique. Sometimes named White River, it has several entry points, one of which is from Fort-de-France, along the road of Trace or from its highest point, Piton Boucher.

More than 20,400 meters long, the Alma River is perfect for a canyoneering trip. You can also hike down the river where sometimes you will swim and jump from basin to basin.

The less sporty will appreciate the swimming areas of the river, near Jardin de Balata for example. People come here with family or friends to enjoy the cool water and why not a picnic.

A little advice from Jumbo Car Martinique : rent an economic car to go to the Alma River.

Alma River
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Practical informations

The Alma River – or “White River” - is perfect to do canyoneering, to hike or simply to swim in fresh water. You can easily go there by car, for example by the Balata road (the road N3, from Fort-de-France to La Médaille).