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The seventh stage of the Yole Tour of Martinique 2016

On this Sunday, August 7th, 2016, the finale of the Yole Tour of Martinique 2016 took place. Discover the results of this last stage, but also the final ranking of the competition, and where to rent a car in Martinique to take complete advantage of your stay.

This year, the Yole Tour was not necessarily good on the side of the weather report, but the competition was spectacular. The seventh and last stage of the Tour took place on Sunday, August 7th, 2016, in the Fort-de-France bay, and it was characterized by numerous unfortunate new developments. On 18 boats in the running, eight capsized, one after the other : the Ufr/Chanflor boat, the CTDM boat, the Brasserie Lorraine / Sara boat, the Cottrell / GFA boat, the Transports Boniface boat, the Mr Bricolage boat, the Royal fruits de Martinique boat, and the Tremplin's/Body minute/ Lifting Go boat.

The top 5 of this seventh stage is the following: 1) Zapetti/Gerblé/L'Appaloosa, 2) Mutuelle Mare Gaillard, 3) Smem/Ti boug énergie, 4) Rosette/Orange et 5) Digicel /Petit Navire. It is not however the final ranking of the competition. Counting the results of all the stages of these last 8 days, the top 5 of the general ranking of the Yole Tour of Martinique 2016 is the following : 1) Zapetti/Gerblé/L'Appaloosa, 2) Rosette/ Orange Caraïbes, 3) Ufr/ Chanflor, 4) Cottrell/ GFA, 5) Brasserie Lorraine/Sara.

So, the Yole Tour 2016 is now over. But don't panic, there is always something to do in Martinique. And we recommend you rent a car in order to make your own tour of Martinique.

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After the Yole Tour 2016, rent a car to visit the whole island of Martinique
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Practical information

The Zapetti/Gerblé/L'Appaloosa won the seventh stage of the Yole Tour of Martinique 2016, and it also took the first place of the general ranking of these 8 days of competition. The Tour thus ended on this Sunday, August 7th, 2016, but this is just the beginning of August. Rent a car to drive across Martinique and to make your stay unforgettable.