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Victor O's concert in January, 2016

In a few weeks, the Martinique singer Victor O will give a concert on his home-island. Learn more about this musical event and where to rent a car to go there.

Martinique counts several artists, famous both at home and in the whole country. Victor O is one of these young Martinican singers who are starting to make a name in France's musical scene. Although not very well-known in metropolitan France (yet!), Victor O is a star in the Caribbean. His musique mixes zouk, pop and reggae. This past couple of years, his songs Vini Dou, Saudade, Mi Natty read, Dansi Mang, Ma maman m'a dit and Diaspora have ranked among Martinique's top hits.

To introduce his new album "Le Collector" (released on December, 6th), Victor O will soon give a concert in Martinique. The show was announced to take place on Saturday, January 9th, 2016, at the Atrium, Fort-de-France. The singer will perform his famous hits as well as new songs, such as No Limit.

Rent a small car (easier to park in Fort-de-France's narrow streets) and go to the Atrium to see Victor O's concert!

A little advice from Jumbo Car Martinique : rent a compact car to go to Victor O's concert in January at the Atrium, Fort-de-France.

Rent a car to go to Victor O concert
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Practical information

The singer Victor O will give a concert at the Atrium in Fort-de-France on January, 9th 2016. Rent a car to go there and visit Martinique!