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Rando Tour 2016

In a few weeks, the new edition of the Rando Tour 2016 of Martinique will be launched. This event is actually a hike, carried out in several stages over many days, all across Martinique. Discover more details and consider renting a car to get to the starting points of the hikes.

Rando Tour was created by the Rando Sans Frontière (Hiking without Borders) association. The 10th anniversary of the Rando Tour of Martinique will be celebrated from July 14th to August 21st, 2016.

"It has been 10 years that we tirelessly, proudly, and at the crack of dawn, sink into the luxuriant vegetation of our enchanting island. So many undiscovered wonders and hidden treasures!” an association official said about the presentation of the event.

With this event, walking enthusiasts will be able to discover Martinique on foot. This tour of Martinique can obviously not be done all at once; instead it will be divided into several stages spread over a little more than a month. To join one of these hikes, simply call 0696.455.587 or 0696.806.477, 48 hours in advance. You will be able to add yourself to the list of hikers and you will be given all the details of your hike.

A little advice from Jumbo Car Martinique : rent a small car to get to the starting point of your hike of the Rando Tour 2016.

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Practical information

Martinique’s Rando Tour 2016 will take place from July 14th to August 21st. To learn the details of each stage and to take part in a hike, simply contact the Rando Sans Frontière association at 0696.455.587 or 0696.806.477. Also think of renting a car to easily get to the starting point of the hike.