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Mangroove Festival 2015

In a few days will be held the Mangroove Festival 2015  – a cultural event showcasing Martinican and Guadeloupean artists. To get to Lamentin (where the festival will be held), consider renting a car.

The Mangroove Festival returns for a third edition. Organized by the Martinican association, Chat’R’Tone, this cultural event aims to promote West Indian artists: as well as musicians, fashion artists or street artists. The Mangroove Festival 2015 will be held on June 6th, at Espace Perrine (in Habitation Carrère), in city of Lamentin.

With a pop/rock axe, the festival has a busy schedule. It will begin with animations and free concerts from 12pm to 6pm: a soul-jazz “drink-concert”, an introduction to circus arts, a workshop for creating instruments, jewelry exhibition, fashion and comic, a flaming juggling show, a concert of Betty Jane then another concert of The Dilinger’s and a Harley Davidson parade.

The event will continue from 6pm to 10pm (you must pay for this part of the festival), with concerts of Bambouman, Pop Fiction, Orwell Jones, Cacos, XX Elles and The Bolokos. Tickets for this second part of the festival are available at 15€ per person (or 12€ in presale).

A little advice from Jumbo Car Martinique : rent an economical car to go to the Mangroove Festival 2015.

Mangroove Festival 2015
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Practical information

The Mangroove Festival 2015 will be held from June, 6th, (from noon), at Espace Perrine (Habitation Carrère), in Lamentin city. Consider renting a car to go there and to fully enjoy your stay in the island.