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Concert of Gyptian in Martinique

In a few days, the singer Gyptian will give a concert in Martinique. Discover more details aboyt the event, where to buy a ticket and where to rent a car to go there easily.

After Tarrus Riley who gave a concert in Martinique last September, it's now the turn of the Jamaican singer Gyptian to come to occur in the department. The artist, native of Kingston, is worldwide known, due to the songs Hold You, My Number 1, Destiny, and All On Me.

Thus, Gyptian will be in concert in Martinique, and more exactly in Fort-de-France (in a still kept secret place), on Friday, November 11th, 2016, from 8pm. The tickets of the concert are already for sale, in shops I love Mobile or to Royaal Tattoo Fort-de-France. Count 35 euros per ticket (30 euros in presale and 40 euros if you buy your ticket directly at the show).

A little advice from Jumbo Car Martinique : rent a prestigious car to fully enjoy Martinique and to go to the concert of Gyptian, on riday, November 11th, 2016.

Rent a car in Martinique to go to the concert of Gyptian in Fort-de-France
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Practical information

The reggae / dancehall singer Gyptian will give a concert in Fort-de-France, on November 11th of this year, from 8pm. To go there, consider renting a car, in one of the numerous Jumbo Car Martinique agencies.