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Pastry classes for kids at Atelier Saveurs Pays

You are in Martinique with your children? On the occasion of Easter 2015, the workshop Atelier Saveurs Pays of Fort-de-France offers pastry classes for children. Discover the program and where to rent a car to get there.

The workshop Atelier Saveurs Pays, located in Fort-de-France, decided to put kids in the spotlight during Easter holidays 2015. Wednesday, April 1st, Saturday, April 4th and from April 6th till April 11th, cooking classes for children (and for parents with their children) will be organized every afternoon.

Each cooking class of this Easter program will be dedicated to a classic pastry or a sweet original creation: a puff "April fish" with almond cream and caramelized apples, chocolate eclairs, a chocolate egg topped with chocolate truffles, Carambar cream brulee, apple pie, cheesecake with "Tagada strawberry" mousse, two chocolates cookies, Nutella tiramisu and Nutella wraps.

These classes will be held between 2 and 4pm, except the second class of Wednesday, April 1st, (which will be held between 4 and 6pm) and the class of Saturday, April 4th (held between 4.30 and 6.30pm). The price for a "child" class is 28€, 52€ for a "parent/child" class. You may consider booking by calling +596 696 778 084.

A little advice from Jumbo Car Martinique : rent an estate car to go to the cooking classes of Atelier Saveurs Pays with your children.

Pastry classes for kids at Atelier Saveurs Pays
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Practical informations

The workshop Atelier Saveurs Pays is located at 8 avenue des Caraïbes, in Fort-de-France – near Fort Saint-Louis and the Schœlcher Library. To go there, consider renting a car.