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E.Sy Kennenga concert at Paparazzi Club

In a few days, the Martinican singer E.Sy Kennenga will give a highly anticipated performance at the Paparazzi Club. Discover the details of the event and where to rent a car to get there.

E.Sy Kennenga is still little known in France, yet this young Martinican is a celebrity in the French West Indies. His concerts (in Martinique, Guadeloupe and Paris) are always sold out and he received (among others) the award for “Best new artist” from Sacem Martinique, in 2011. His songs –such as Papè, Décidé, We Fly or Truc de Fou– mix French, English and Martinican Creole.

To discover this talented artist, visit the Paparazzi Club (in Lamentin), on Thursday 28th May. From 8pm, E.Sy Kennenga will give an acoustic concert called E.Sy’ Mania. You can buy your ticket there (20€ per person) or in advance on, for 15€ per person.

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E.Sy' Mania concert of E.Sy Kennenga
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Practical information

E.Sy' Mania concert of the artist E.Sy Kennenga will be held on Thursday, May, 28th, 2015, from 8pm at Paparazzi Club – located on the industrial zone Acajou Californie in Lamentin city.