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Carnival 2015 

In Martinique, the Carnival is officially held from the sunday before Fat Tuesday (also called « Shrove Tuesday ») to Ash Wednesday. However, festivities already began. Discover the program and rent a car to live fully this vibrant event.

In Martinique, Carnival is sacred and it lasts a whole week. This year of 2015, the official dates are from February 15th till the 18th. Nevertheless, the festivities are ahead of schedule. Indeed, several cities - such as Le Robert, Le Gros Morne or Saint Joseph for example - have already organized parades and elected their Carnival queens.

This is just the beginning. The most beautiful, the most exciting, the most authentic is coming. To start, let's go to Fort-de-France, on Sunday, February 15th. « Vaval » (the symbolic character of the Carnival) will be introduced to all and a multicoloured « vidé » will take place – a « vidé » is a traditional martinican parade : wild, exuberant, exhilarating.

The party will continue on Monday, the 16th with the « Mariage Burlesque » parade (or the « Ludicrous wedding » parade) and on Tuesday, the 17th with the « Red Devils » parade. Then the Carnival will end on Wednesday, the 18th with the immolation of the character Vaval and the last « vidé » where it will be necessary to be dressed in black and white.

A little advice from Jumbo Car Martinique : rent a compact car to drive and park easily in the little streets of Fort-de-France.

The Carnival in Martinique
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Practical informations

The martinican Carnival takes place mostly in Fort-de-France. However, during this time, the entire island is partying. To life fully this experience, think about renting a car.