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The concert of Carimi

The club/restaurant, Chalet Village, located in Rivière Salée, is planning an exceptional event at the beginning of May: a concert by Carimi, the famous kompa music group. Discover the details of this musical and tropical event, and think about renting a car to get there easily.

Kompa is a type of music that originally comes from Haiti, but is now very popular in Martinique. The most famous kompa group is undoubtedly Carimi. So, if you want to discover Caribbean culture and have a great evening, you will have to be at Chalet Village (in Rivière Salée) on Friday, May 6th.

Indeed, the club/restaurant will be the one hosting Carimi’s concert. Other DJs specialized in kompa music will perform for the rest of the evening after the concert. Tickets for the event are already available in many outlets, such as Mobile Plus boutiques, ESSO gas stations, and Monipass. Pre-sale tickets are between 25€/30€, and 35€ on site (including access to the concert and a warm meal).

A little advice from Jumbo Car Martinique : rent a luxury car to go to the concert Carimi and to make your stay in Martinique exceptional.

Rent a car in Martinique to go to the concert of Carimi

Practical information

Carimi music group will give a concert at Chalet Village (in Rivière Salée) on Friday, May 6, 2016 at 9pm. The club/restaurant is easily accessible by car. To go buy your tickets (between 25€ and 35€ per person) and to go to the event, consider renting a car in one of the many car rental companies JumboCar Martinique.