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Car rental tips from Jumbo Car Martinique

To make your stay more pleasant, we draw your attention to this following security advices.
To park :
  • Put your car preferably on secure parks
  • Avoid leaving any visible objects in your car
  • Put the steering lock
  • Do not forget to close the windows, surroofs and convertibles'top
  • Make sure that the both doors and the boot are closed (before you leave)
  • Avoid parking under coconut trees because of the fall of coconuts which could damage the car-body.
On the beach :
  • Do not go swimming with the car key, you are likely to lose it or damage microcircuits which make up it. In this case the car would not start again.
  • Keep an eye on your personal effects you have left on the beach
In the hotel :
  • Do not leave your keys visible wherever you are at the bar, the restaurant or (even) in your room.
We draw your attention to these following recommandations :
  • Puncture, deterioration or tyres and fuel are chargeable to the customer.
  • When you bring back the car, the level of fuel has to be the same as it was at the departure. If it is not the case, both a tax for the service and the missing fuel would be charged.
  • If you lose the key : towing charges, the second key cut and the act of rebooting the antithieft devise are chargeable to the customer (whatever is the subscribed insurance)
  • When you bring back the car, it has to be as clean as it was at the departure. All cars which are excessively dirty (because of sand, mud, animals' hair, stains...) would be charged. 
        Warning : the billing could reach 100 euros.