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Will it has an age restriction to rent a car in Martinique JUMBO CAR ?
You must be at least 21 years old and have your license for over a year. 
These conditions can vary according to the category of the vehicle. 
A " young driver" overload is mandatory for main or supplementary old age of 25 and / or a permit under 3 years driver.
What are the various vehicle types proposed in the rent ?
We suggest you visit our Car rental page and Utilities
I choose the vehicle model that I want to rent ?
Reservations vehicles are made on the basis of categories and not models . 
Unless availability of a specific model, which require confirmation , JUMBO CAR Martinique does not guarantee the model, only the category of vehicle .
Is there a specific driving license to drive a commercial vehicle ?
Our entire fleet of rental vehicles can be driven with a B license.