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Antilles Exception the partner of Jumbo Car Martinique

Situated inMartinique, Antilles Exeption select for you a number partner in Guadeloupe, inMartinique and to the Saints to propose you various services: villas, bungalow,hotels, holiday cottages, rental car, and suppliers of very varied activities.

Knowing thespecificities of each of our persons receiving benefits, we are capable ofadvising to you to polish up the stay corresponding to your waits even the mostcomplex.

We selected housing corresponding to our criteria of quality and equipment.

We allocatestars to the various accommodations which translate a general appreciation.These hire only the Antilles Exception and they do not correspond directly toofficial classifications. When the accommodations benefit from rankings orofficial labels, these are communicated with you in tabs "detail" ofevery accommodation.

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