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Car Rental Le Marin - Martinique

Rent a Car in Le Marin

In Martinique, do not even think of not renting a Car. You have no other choice. The bus network is very weak. Good news, when you rent a car in Jumbo Car, unlimited kilometers is included !

What car to rent in Martinique?

It is not mandatory to have a big car such as a SUV... But it is better and more comfortable as you will drive a lot in the mountains. Anyway if you are more than 2 passengers in the car, you might want to get a bigger car and mostly, a powerful engine! Trust us.

Where to pick up my Rental Car ?

Jumbo Car Agency at Le Marin

Or agency is located on Le Marin Marina. you will have to rent your car through the application called Jo. It is a self-service car rental application :

  • You download the Application Jo

  • You rent your car on the App

  • You arrive at anytime day or night on the car park

  • Find your car

  • Unlock the car with the App, take you keys and leave.

If you have any question, please call us +596 596 422 222 or +596 596 768 082

Fort-de-France Airport Agency

If you arrive by plane, it is more convenient to rent a car at the Airport for several reasons :

  • You get your keys right after you leave the airport

  • You don't need a taxi to go to your hotel as you already have you rental car.

  • You can choose the car you want as we have a greater variety of vehicles there.

  • You can leave the car at the airport with no extra fee before you catch your flight back home.

Otherwise, if you want we have other agencies : Lamentin, Trois-Îlets, Sainte-Anne, le Diamant... Make your decision ;-)

Road Trip in Martinique from le Marin

Rent a Car at the best price in Le Marin

To be sure to get the best prices for your car rental, here are some rules :

  • The earlier you book your car, the better

  • Online prices are always cheaper than in agencies

  • Rent the right car for your needs

Driving in Martinique

If you have already driven in France, the rules are the same. Easy ! The only difference is there is no highway here and maximum speed limit is 90km/h.

Note that there is traffic congestion during rush hours ! You should avoid taking your car around 7am and 5pm.

However, there is no big traffic around Le Marin.

Visit Martinique from Le Marin

Go to Diamant Beach

Le Diamant is at about 25 kilometeres West of le Marin. You need 35 minutes to go to this wonderful beach that faces the famous "Rocher du Diamant".

Visit La Mauny Distillery

You only need 20 minutes to go to La Mauny Distillery located in La Rivière Pilotes. There is a free parking for your car ;)

Fort Saint-Louis - Fort-de-France

To visit Fort Saint Louis in Fort-de-France, you need to drive for 1 hour from Le Marin. Note that you need to book your visit before you go !

Baignoire de Joséphine

There are 26 km between Le Marin and La Baignoire de Joséphine which is located in Le François. If there is no traffic, you will need 35 minutes to get there.

Rent a Car With Jumbo Car

Each vehicle is cleaned between 2 renting to avoid spread of COVID-19 Our staff have masks and gloves, and respect barrier gestures.
If you are at least 21 and have had a driving license for over a year, you can rent a car at Jumbo Car. When you come to collect your car, please bring your ID (passport), your Driving License and a Credit Card for the deposit.
No matter where you rent a car in Martinique, you must leave a deposit. At Jumbo Car, it depends on the car. The deposit usually goes from €650 and €1600 depending on the vehicle you booked. You can also purchase Total Waiver Protection that lowers the deposit.
You can pay in 2 or 3 times with no extra fees. How ? - Book your car online - Book your car at least 2 or 3 months in advance - 1st payment occurs the day you book the car, second and third payments will take place 30 and 60 days after. Rental must be fully paid before you pick up the car.
For each contract there is 1 driver by default. However, you can add as many drivers as you want as long as they are 21 years old and have had their driving licence for at least 1 year. To do so, must come the day you pick up the car with their ID and Driving licence.

Discover Le Marin

The Marina of le Marin is the first nautic base of Martinique. You will be able to :

  • Rent a boat for a day

  • Go on a boat trip

  • Go scuba Diving

  • Visit Mangrove on a Kayak

  • etc.

If you'd rather keep both feet on the ground, you will love the garden in the Pérou Quarter in Le Marin.